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Cancer Risks From Tanning

19 April 2019 By Davy Kam

Tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer and with our fast paced lifestyles we can sometimes not think about the ill effects of convenience. Tanning beds are made from plutonium, some types of rad… Continue Reading

Symptoms And Treatments For Skin Cancer

16 April 2019 By Rudyard Gabriel

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases among the individuals, and people suffering from it are also in fear, but the best way to remove the fear from the cancer disease is by detecting the cancer o… Continue Reading

Effective Ways To Prevent Melanoma Cancer

11 April 2019 By Rudyard Gabriel

Melanoma A diagnosis of skin cancer can be particularly hard to deal with. Even though melanoma is considered the most serious and deadliest form of skin cancer, there is always hope that, in the e… Continue Reading