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Feng Shui Tips For Downsizing

9 June 2019 By Davy Kam

After lifelong upsizing and collecting stuff, there comes a time when we face downsizing. Overwhelmed by the task? How do you decide what stays and what goes? It's best to adopt a system and work with… Continue Reading

Sharpen Your Senses With Feng Shui

7 June 2019 By Rudyard Gabriel

According to scientific research human beings are known to be most content when all of their senses are engaged. Being consciously aware of savory moments will enhance brain function and enrich life e… Continue Reading

Feng Shui Tips For Stairs

5 June 2019 By Jarrett Madison

Are your energy levels down, or is your cash flow out of control? Take a look at your stairs! Feng Shui will help you diagnose how life issues might be affected by the location or structure of your st… Continue Reading

Tiny House Feng Shui

3 June 2019 By Jarrett Madison

I've just spent months and months clearing all my clutter. My "yes" box is tiny compared to my "no" box and my "maybe" box is huge. Now I'm ready to downsize and move into my brand new tiny house. How… Continue Reading

Supercharge Your Liver With Feng Shui

2 June 2019 By Pierce Dwayne

Your liver is the feng shui master of your body. It has the same needs as your surroundings and will function superbly if those are met. It likes a lot of space, prefers to be cool and be in a state o… Continue Reading